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GET ON BOARD AND COME PARTY WITH US!!! AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE WILL BRING YOU GREAT NEWS ABOUT ONE OF THE BIGGEST EVENTS OF THE YEAR FOR KANSAS!!! SAY WHOOT WHOOT!!! LET’S MAKE SOME NOISE, and get this show hoppin’!  Counting down the days!!!!  We’ll be camping out too, so stop by and say hello.  If you want to interview with us while you are there, just let me know.


Check out this fantastic schedule of pure fun!!!!!




2:25 – ASHAMED
4:05 – SOULICT
5:45 – POP EVIL
7:55 – NELSON
10:30 – STYX

6:50 – THROWN

2:30 – JETBOY
5:40 – KIX
7:55 – WINGER

12:10 – TOXIN
1:45 – ARCHER
4:55 – XYZ
6:45 – Y&T
9:15 – FUEL





GA – $85
VIP – $225


FRIDAY – $45


(877) 442-3301

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Nyad To Attempt 103 mile swim from Cuba this August

Philadelphia, PA – On July 11, 2010,  at 60 years of age, Diana Nyad successfully completed her triumphant return to long-distance swimming with a consecutive 24-hour swim through the Gulf Stream’s open-water off the coast of Key West, Florida, without a shark cage.  While the 24-hour swim is an enormous challenge, it’s merely the beginning for Nyad. In August, she will attempt to achieve her life-long dream to be the first person to swim the 103 miles from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.

The exact date of this swim will be based on optimal weather patterns to ensure that the conditions are safe for what will be the most intense, physically grueling and dangerous endeavor of Diana’s life, swimming for potentially 60 consecutive hours in open water without a shark cage.
This will mark the second time Nyad has attempted to achieve the marathon swim.  Her first attempt in 1978 proved impossible. Battling stiff winds and huge waves for 41 hours and 49 minutes straight, the harsh weather would not allow her to safely continue. The following year, however, Nyad stroked her way to the longest swim in history, for both men and women. The distance was 102.5 miles, from the island of Bimini in the Bahamas to the Florida shore. That night when Nyad accomplished “the impossible”, CBS Evening News opened with a single word —“Magnificent!”
After her famed 1979 Bahamas swim, Diana didn’t take another stroke for 30 years.  In 2009, as she approached her 60th birthday and reflected on the angst described by millions of baby boomers who feel irrelevant, lack vitality and sense their best days are behind them, Diana was motivated to begin swimming again to pursue her “impossible” dream. This summer, the world will share in the drama and suspense as Diana attempts to fulfill her life’s quest while proving that middle age is the prime of life, not the beginning of the end.
“I’ve achieved a tremendous amount in my life, breaking many records in my prime as a long-distance swimmer back in the 1970’s, but this swim, this will be life-changing,” said Nyad. “Never before have I been so completely overcome by the empowering conviction that it’s never too late to chase your dream.”
About Diana Nyad:
Twitter: @DianaNyad
For ten years Nyad was the greatest long-distance swimmer in the world. She broke numerous world records, including the 50-year-old mark for circling Manhattan Island in 1975 and was inducted into the International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2006. Diana has enjoyed an illustrious career in television, radio and print as Senior Correspondent for Fox Sports News, announcer for ABC Sports, hosting her own show on CNBC, delivering a weekly column for National Public Radio, and writing for many publications, including The New York Times. She has written three books and speaks three foreign languages fluently. Diana graduated Phi Beta Kappa, operates a fitness business called BravaBody and is known as a master storyteller.
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Saturday, July 17th, 9pm
Video Shoot ~ Filmed by Redwood Studios

Double T’s Roadhouse
1421 Merriam Lane
Kansas City, KS 66103

With very special guests H GAGE at 9 pm
Winners of California Dreaming ~ H GAGE, fresh off a great show at The Beaumont, is getting ready to head to California to play the Whiskey A GoGo on the Sunset Strip. These guys will melt your faces off. Seriously this is a great band. Don’t miss them!

Last Call & the Rock Show at 10:30 pm
Great rock music sung by Frankie ~ 2nd Place ‘Best Rock Singer’ 1o1o and 2nd Place ‘Artist of the Year’ 2o1o. This Vegas Style rock band thunders into Double T’s Roadhouse to shoot a video with over 1,ooo Lasers, 12,ooo Watts of Unstoppable Power, Bubbles, Hazer, Japanese Condoms, Beads, The Rock Show Go Go Dancers, Bubbles, Real Dry Ice Fog, Remote Robot Lights and more…

All welcome to come be in the video with the Rock Show Go Go Dancers!


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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—Organizers of The “Rock N America” festival being held July 22-25 at the Zoo Amphitheatre and Northeast Oklahoma City’s Adventure District, will turn all of Oklahoma City into the Eighties Music capitol of the United States.

Rock N America is the largest Eighties Festival in all the United States with over 30 bands.  Headliners include Scorpions on their Final Farewell Tour, Cinderella, Twisted Sister and RATT.

Expected to draw fans from all 50 states and throughout the world to Oklahoma City, Rock N America kicks off Thursday, July 22 with a free concert inside the historical Zoo Amphitheatre. Twelve Bands will be featured with ten having Oklahoma ties.  “Anytime you have an event like this drawing thousands of people from around the country and world to Oklahoma City, we want to be able to showcase our local talent,” according to Jill Simpson, director of the state Film and Music Office. In addition, Rising Wind out of Italy will be performing along with Dirty Penny from California who will headline the free night of music.

In the park adjacent to the Zoo Amphitheatre, is a free to the public festival for all four days.  The festival will feature restaurants from Oklahoma along with other food vendors, artisans, performing arts and bands from all over the world and more. The festival grounds called the Midway will also feature a 100’ x 200’ air conditioned tent that will host 10 bands each day and will also have big screens to simulcast the music inside the amphitheatre.

Other bands scheduled to perform at Rock N America are Dokken, Warrant, Great White, Lita Ford, Slaughter, Michael Schenker Group, LA Guns featuring Tracii Guns, Firehouse, Bulletboys, Lynch Mob, Pretty Boy Floyd, Steelheart, Faster Pussycat, John Corabi, Enuff Z Nuff, Toxin, Herman Rarebell formerly of Scorpions, Axe, Texas Hippie Coalition, Lizzy Borden, Trixter and Dirty Penny.

VH 1’s Eddie Trunk will host the four day event and for the Friday show will do a special tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio. $5.00 from every ticket sold for the Friday event will go to the Ronnie James Dio Cancer Fund.

There will be after party events at several night clubs throughout the city with some of the featured artists signing autographs, playing music and doing meet and greets.  Go to www.rocknamerica for more details regarding the festival and or the after party activities.

The Zoo Amphitheatre in Oklahoma City is well known as being one of the Midwest’s unique concert facilities nestled next door to the Oklahoma City Zoo, one of the top rated zoos in North America and is the oldest zoo in the Southwest.


Camping facilities are near the Zoo Amphitheatre in Oklahoma City and there’s sufficient free parking at Remington Park Racetrack and Casino.  The Zoo Amphitheatre is located just over seventeen miles from Will Rogers World Airport.

Accommodations are not a problem as Oklahoma City boasts over 15,000 hotel rooms.  Hotel Packages complete with rooms, tickets and transportation are available by going to and clicking on tickets.

Single Day tickets and Three-Day passes for the general public or for  VIP access are on sale now at,, participating Buy For Less stores or call toll free at 800-511-1552.

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the-culprit-bandAfresh: What is your name, and name your group/band/act?

Tommy Gittins from the Culprit

Afresh: Where are the artists from?  What is their talent in the group?

The Band is from Birmingham, England

Tommy Gittins – Vocals / Guitars /  Programming

Luke Hicks – Guitars / Vocals

Scotty Garrett – Drums

Russ Carlin – Bass

Afresh: How did the band get the name?

A long story – Based on getting into various trouble, so the name stuck. When we launched the band it was done anonymously so no one knew who was involved. The suspense really built the hype!

Afresh: What instrument do you play now? (If applicable)

In the band I sing, play guitar and do the electronics programming.

Afresh: What (who) does your act/art consist of?

A mutually vicious yet beautiful meeting of hard rock and electronica. Seven strings meet sawtooths and sinewaves!

Afresh: How would you describe your music/art/entertainment for the public audience if they have never seen you before?

Modern heavy rock sounds with a nod to the 80s synthpop scene and a splash of film and multimedia samples.

Afresh: Give me some details about the group/act/art?

Well upon first glance it just looks like 4 (stunningly handsome and charming British) guys slogging around the rock venues of the US, but when you see the show you will find a whole lot more. Its not just about the songs, the live show really is a multimedia experience.

Afresh: How long have you been performing live or making art?

The band has been together since July 2008.

Afresh:  What do you feel distinguishes “an artist” from just a musician?

A musician can play music, but can’t necessarily perform, but an artist takes that musical form further to become a performance that he/she becomes part of.

Afresh: Where did you meet your group and how long have you been together now?

Usual story – Eyes across a crowded bar, coupla drinks, the rest is history! Since July 2008

Afresh: What has been the biggest challenge for you or the group?

Well the pursuance of any artform as a serious career is a continuous challenge, but its a labour of love.

Afresh: You’ve heard of the term “starving artists” before, how do you cope with major obstacles?

Persistence, a love of what we do, good friendships within the band and a bloody good sense of humour.

Afresh:  Do you feel the economic crunch has hurt the industry, or do you have some other promotional tips to help support your music?

Well its kinda weird now, as the industry is on its ass. However I honestly think that this is the strongest position now that musicians have ever been in. It is possible for people to write, record, produce, promote, release and distribute everything from their homes, it just needs the effort and commitment. So in that way it kinda separates the pretenders from the people that really want to do it.

Afresh: Art & Music has an impact on both young and old.  Everyone loves a celebrity, so what advice do you have for the youth of today?

Well it all depends on what you define as a celebrity. I can whole heartedly admire someone who has a talent and commitment for what they do, and that should be celebrated. As for bullshit like Big Brother and other reality TV which promotes the celebration of utter mediocrity and talentless people who just want fame without any skill to back it up…count me out.

Afresh: What does your family think of your performance and do they support you?

Well its not something they always understand entirely…but they do support it. We all work in various other areas of the industry too, so they are safe in the knowledge of us having ‘proper’ jobs too.

Afresh: What is your stance on how to get the public to support “live music” and see the shows?  Any ideas???

Turn off the TV and go and seek something that excites you. With live music, you will never ever see the same thing twice.

Afresh: Thinking back, did your family carry on the same musical/artistic interests?

Nope. There is no musical heritage within the bands families. My Mum can hum pretty well though.

Afresh: Do you have your own favorite type of music and is it any different from what you play now?

Well I think that is why we kinda sound so varied. None of us just listen to one kind of music. I personally work in all areas of music production and love everything from Metal to Drum and bass, Classical to Hip Hop, from the most brutal leftfield sounds through to the shiniest most sugary pop. You’ll find it all in the Culprit show!

Afresh: Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us?

Um…ahem…nothing that I could publicly announce!

Afresh: What has been your strong influence to continue performing?

It sounds cheesy but we just love it. We strive to make each show better than the last.

Afresh: Does anyone in particular influence your artistic/musical talent?

As I said, our influences are to far and wide. I could give you some examples though…Karnivool/Squarepusher/Pharcyde/Holst/Tears for Fears…the list is very obscure.

Afresh: Who does most of the song writing/art/literature?

Well its mostly myself, but some of the material on the album was by Luke and myself.

Afresh: If you had to change one thing about your music/group what do you feel would be the best change to benefit the group overall and why?

Probably my socks and Scotts underpants. That van can be a pretty gnarly place to be!

Afresh:  Where would you like to see yourself within the next five years as an artist?

Japan! I’d love to tour there! To be honest, I’d love to be touring all over the world, just bigger better venues!

Afresh: Have you ever had any strange or stalker type fans that you are aware of?


Afresh: While getting ready to perform have you ever been interrupted by fans who snuck in to the dressing room/rehearsal?

Well not that we know of!

Afresh: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment if you care to share it with us?

Afresh: What has been the most bizarre thing (thrown) on the stage with you?  How did you react?

Afresh: What is your wildest story with the group?

Afresh: What has been the worst nightmare for the group?  How did you get through it all?

In answer to all the above…Ahem…well most stories and experiences have come from our US tours. And for some reason they tend to involve some kind of disaster and near death experience. Planes nearly falling out of the sky, hurricanes, earthquakes, road accidents due to our ‘fearless’ van driver, firearms at point blank, bizarre and often obscene requests from fans, the list goes on – We have the evidence! Pranks are at the heart of a regular day with the Culprit though, so if you come on tour with us you gotta have pretty thick skin. Our last trip out to Austin for the SXSW festival involved our roadie being gaffa taped naked to a swivel chair and sent down in the lift to reception in a very swanky hotel. Needless to say we are now banished to the cockroach motels for the next tour!

Afresh: What are your up-to-date performance plans?  New releases?  Tours? News?

Well we’re on tour in the US through July and August in support of the new self titled album out now on all major download sites, and all iphone/ipod owners can download our free app too!

Afresh: If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive who would it be? Why? (Name up to three)

Kurt Cobain, and the cheeky girls.

Afresh: What is the furthest show from your home that you have done?

Probably Albuquerque.

Afresh:  How do you feel about file swapping?

I assume you mean music! Well I think that whilst the labels haven’t quite found how to harness it fairly, it inadvertently blows the lid wide open on promotion. The internet is saturated with it all, but we found that initially when we started releasing some tracks for free, that people would start to then remain loyal when more became available to purchase.

Afresh: Have you been involved in any benefit performances?  What was it and how did you become involved?

Yeah we have done quite a few. We are often involved with events that are either for a charity, remembrance or even just to try to keep a venue open. We have a show in aid of ‘Help for Heroes’ in September.

Afresh:  How do you think you would like to be remembered by everyone?

Why, are you about to kill me?

Afresh:  As an artist, is there anything special you hope to be able to accomplish?

Well I could say the classic Miss World type answer and say ‘World Peace!’ But that is something that relies on a lot more public awareness of many issues. However, sometimes the lyrics of a song can make you turn on to an issue…

Afresh:  When things seem to go negatively at times, how do you turn things into something positive?

When all you got is lemons, you may as well make lemonade!

Afresh:  What do you attribute to your “drive as an artist”?

I’m not much good at anything else!

Afresh:  If you had to think of a slogan that could leave a positive impact for everyone what would your slogan be?

Be excellent to one another. (George Carlin – a.k.a ‘Rufus’ in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure.)

Afresh: Do you currently have an agent, endorsement, record label, sponsor, etc.?

We currently have a US agent and a UK label.

Afresh: Is this your first interview or do you have some other articles/stories about you posted somewhere for public viewing?

There is lots of information and social networking sites/youtube etc linked off our main site

Afresh: Do you have any video links where people can see you?

See above

Afresh: Do you have a website of any type?  (Name all options)

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-Kathleen Carnali Newsletter-

7/12/10 – Update – “An Amazing 5 Months!”

After a long and amazing five months on the road, we are finally back home in Nashville!  We have ministered all across the country from as east as Massachusetts to as west as California and even Hawaii.  We had an awesome time ministering up in Canada as well.  In the past five months, we have seen so many people come to trust in the LORD for salvation and repent from their sins.  Lately, I’ve been reading in the Word where it gives us such powerful examples of this.  In the book of Acts, we see how the Apostles, over and over again, would go and preach repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ.  We’ve also received more emails and testimonies of lives continuing to be transformed by the power of the Gospel.  This is so exciting, because it’s the evidence and fruit of true salvation rather than just a one-time experience.  I am overwhelmed and so deeply thankful for all that we have been able to see and be a part of.  And yet, with all of this, I know that there is so much more.  This is only the beginning of what God has in store for us and for all those that love him and are called according to his purpose.  It is time to get ready, for the Day of the Lord is at hand and there is even much more to be done.  If you read my last newsletter, I had mentioned how this is a year of great change and repositioning for God’s people.  Though it may be a very difficult season for some, I know that as we press on, we will continue to see even more victories, powerful testimonies, and people saved through the resurrecting power of Christ!  Trust me, the best is yet to come!  Brett and I will soon be moving our ministry base out of Nashville to the east coast – in a place called Port Saint Lucie, FL.  The LORD has been sending me rivers of new songs as well!  Within the next few months, it will be time to go back into the studio to begin recording for the next CD.  We are so excited about all that God is doing and humbled that he uses vessels like us.  What an amazing privilege we all have.  If you aren’t doing anything for the Lord, I encourage you that the time is now.  God has equipped you for a purpose.  If you are still waiting for assignment, be sure to study to show yourself approved and remain faithful to him in all ways, so you can be trusted with so much more.  May we take advantage of what time we still have to make an impact for the Kingdom of God and bring glory to HIS Name.  One day we will stand before him and give testimony. What will we say?
…found this on YouTube.

A general market Magazine and Music Show came out to do an interview with me at a fair I recently played at in Junction City, Kansas.  Sorry for all the background noise.  It was taken in the Green Room where you can hear the sounds of Big Daddy Weave playing from stage.  Here are links for each video taping of the interviews that you can see:

I encourage you to go back and re-read the whole book of Acts, to challenge you and prepare you for what is to come.  Here is an excerpt from Paul when speaking about the challenges and tribulations that he would be facing.  He says, “…None of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.”

The only way to be unmoved by the things of this world, is to be dead to them.  This is what is means to live a crucified life.   Only until we die to the cares and lusts of this world, can we walk in the newness and power of the resurrected life with great victory!  May we stay focused on the course set before us, counting our lives but loss for the sake and glory of the cross!  I love you guys so much… hope to see you soon!

All love in Jesus,

Bringing Truth to Life through Music…

Be sure to check out this wonderful lady and her gift to all of us!  Read more at Afresh Entertainment Magazine where we will keep you up to date with this fascinating woman as she brings the truth to us through her music.

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Hemlock tour dates all over the Midwest and Eastern US!

Check the dates for one near you. Road trips are always fun when you go with friends to see a Hemlock show!

Spread the word!

Email to your friends, post on your social networking sites….we love it when you share Hemlock with the people you know!

  • 07/14/10 Hemlock in Peoria IL at The BRass Rail
  • 07/16/10 Hemlock in Garrett Indiana at Traxside
  • 07/17/10 Hemlock in Wellsville Ohio at The Platinum Club
  • 07/18/10 Hemlock in Cleveland OH at Peabody’s (Pirates Cove)
  • 07/20/10 Hemlock in Wheeling WV at Yesterday’s
  • 07/21/10 Hemlock in Olean NY at Cojones Cantina
  • 07/23/10 Hemlock in Poughkeepsie NY at The Chance
  • 07/24/10 Hemlock in Hartford CT at Comcast Theater
  • 07/26/10 Hemlock in New York, NY at Lit Lounge
  • 07/31/10 Hemlock in Worcester MA at The Raven
  • 08/01/10 Hemlock in Amityville, NY at The Broadway Bar
  • 08/04/10 Hemlock in Rahway, NJ at Union County Performing Arts Center
  • 08/05/10 Hemlock in Binghamton NY at On The Roxx bar and grill
  • 08/06/10 Hemlock in Rochester NY at California Brew Haus
  • 08/07/10 Hemlock in Dunkirk NY at Chautauqua County Fair Grounds (sk8 fest)
  • 08/09/10 Hemlock in Erie PA at Scully’s
  • 08/10/10 Hemlock in Weston WV at Cemetary Gates
  • 08/12/10 Hemlock in Canton OH at 365th Flight Club
  • 08/13/10 Hemlock in Fairpoint OH at Nicolozakes
  • 08/14/10 Hemlock in Irondale OH at “Booth Fest”
  • 08/15/10 Hemlock in Battle Creek MI at Planet Rock
  • Thank You!


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    Hartman Arena Hosts Blues Brews & BBQ

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    Can’t wait for the biggest, most unique blues festival to hit this area in well…a blue moon?! Well we may just have the perfect appetizer for you as well as a tasty sample for anyone who hasn’t quite decided if they want to come out to the show yet. This Sunday, July 18, come out to the “Blues Burgers and the Brickyard” event at the Brickyard in Oldtown (129 N. Rock Island), and check out some great live music from some of the artists who will be performing on the big stages at Hartman Arena’s First Annual Blues Brews and BBQ! The line-up for the official pre-party includes Battle of the Blues Winners Josh Vowell and the Rumble, The Howlerz, and Wichita’s own Porterhouse. Special thanks to our friend Uche and everyone at the Brickyard for getting this show together or us! It’s going to be a great time! Details and the event poster are below:

    Blues Burgers and the Brickyard

    Hartman Arena’s Blues Brews & BBQ Pre-Party

    Location- The Brickyard in Oldtown at 129 N Rock Island Wichita,Ks.

    Date- Sunday July 18th doors open at 5pm.

    Cover- $5.00


    The Howlerz at 6p

    PorterHouse at 7p

    Josh Vowell and the Rumble at 8p

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    The Carnival Of Madness Tour
    Kicks Off This Weekend
    Shinedown, Chevelle, Puddle Of Mudd, Sevendust,
    & 10 Years Storm Across America Beginning Tomorrow
    New York, NY – The inaugural outing of the Carnival Of Madness tour is about to get underway.  The 26-date tour will open tomorrow afternoon in Jacksonville, FL.
    “I am beyond excited for this tour, the production is incredible, the line up is amazing, and the energy of having all five bands on one stage is going to be like nothing else this summer,” exclaimed Shinedown lead singer Brent Smith.  “Get ready for the carnival of madness!”
    All fans attending the Carnival Of Madness this summer are in for an experience like no other.

    The Jacksonville, Florida-based rock outfit Shinedown have been touring worldwide in support of their career defining album The Sound Of Madness since its release in 2008.  The band’s run of hit singles from this album alone has made them one of the most successful rock bands of the decade. Shinedown’s latest album, The Sound Of Madness, was produced by multiple Grammy Award-winner Rob Cavallo (Kid Rock, Green Day, My Chemical Romance).  The band’s fifth single from The Sound Of Madness “The Crow & The Butterfly” is at radio now.

    Formed in 1995 Chevelle have remained a staple in the rock scene with seven Top 5 Modern Rock hits under their belt, including the #1 songs “Send the Pain Below” and “Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)” as well as fan favorites, “Jars,” “The Red” and “The Clincher”. The band is made up of Pete Loeffler (vocals, guitars), brother Sam Loeffler (drums), and brother-in-law Dean Bernardini (bass).  Their latest album Sci-Fi Crimes was co-produced with Brian Virtue (Jane’s Addiction, 30 Seconds to Mars, Deftones) in Nashville, Tennessee.
    Puddle of Mudd is singer/guitarist Wes Scantlin, guitarist Paul Phillips, bassist Doug Ardito and drummer Ryan Yerdon.  Since their 2001 debut album Come Clean, Puddle of Mudd have sold over seven million albums and boast a steady string of Number One smash hits including “Blurry, “She Hates Me,” “Control,” and “Psycho.”    The band has been touring nonstop in support of their current album Volume 4:  Songs in the Key of Love & Hate.
    The Carnival Of Madness tour is THE rock event this summer.
    July 16             Jacksonville, FL             Jacksonville Arena
    July 17             Simpsonville, SC             Heritage Park
    July 18                        Huntsville, AL             Von Braun Amphitheatre
    July 20                        Orlando, FL                        UCF Arena
    July 21                        Estero, FL                        Germain Arena
    July 23                        Knoxville, TN             Civic Coliseum
    July 24                        Charlotte, NC                        Verizon Amphitheater
    July 25                        Raleigh, NC                         Raleigh Amphitheater
    July 26                        Virginia Beach, VA            Virgina Beach Amphitheatre
    July 28                        Columbia, MD (D.C.)            Merriweather Pavilion
    July 30                        Philadelphia, PA            Penn’s Landing
    July 31                        Wiscasset, ME             Lincoln County Fairgrounds
    August 1            Boston, MA                        Comcast Amphitheater
    August 4            Uncasville, CT            Mohegan Sun
    August 5            Holmdel, NJ                        PNC Amphitheatre
    August 6            Canadaguiga, NY            CBMS Performing Arts Center
    August 7            Detroit, MI                        DTE Amphitheatre
    August 9            Cleveland, OH             Time Warner Amphitheatre
    August 10            Pikeville, KY                        Eastern Kentucky Expo
    August 11            Chicago, IL                        Charter One Pavilion
    August 17            Memphis, TN                        Desoto Civic Center
    August 18            Lafayette, LA                        Cajon Dome
    August 20            Oklahoma City, OK            Zoo Amphitheater
    August 22            Dallas, TX                        Nokia Theater
    August 24            Casper, WY                        Casper Event Center
    August 25            Billings, MT                        Metropark Center
    August 27            Kennewick, WA            Toyota Center (w/o Chevelle)
    For up-to-the-minute news and information, please visit
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    If you want to volunteer to help with Midwest Rockfest this year for your tickets come to Lake Afton on July 20th at 7pm. Sign up to volunteer to put on the biggest Rock show in the Midwest and earn your tickets!!! woot woot!  See CJ Cross for details!


    (Photo compliments of the wonderful Midwest Rockfest promoters on facebook.)  Make sure to add Midwest Rockfest Fan page to your list of favorite facebook friends today!!!!

    Keep reading AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE for the fantastic countdown news for Midwest Rockfest.  Come party with all of us at Lake Afton while we cover an event that will bring you a lifetime of great rock n roll family memories!  DON’T MISS THIS EVENT!!!!!  SPREAD THE WORD NOW!!!!!  Kansas Rocks with Entertainment!!!!!


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    Countdown-Midwest Rockfest!

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    Contact: CJ CROSS: 316-210-4488

    (July 8, 2010 Wichita, KS) DEA Entertainment Group, LLC brings Midwest Rockfest to Lake Afton near Wichita, KS.  Budweiser welcomes the Midwest Rockfest which will happen on July 22, 23, and 24th this summer.  Midwest Rockfest will be fully loaded with 30 bands over 3 days and 2 stages.  Along with MMA fights, helicopter rides, foam pits, camping and lake fun all at one location!
    DEA Entertainment Group has joined up with Goddard Chamber of Commerce and Conoco Phillups to help replace the playground equipment in the Goddard City Park.  The Midwest Rockfest which has been endorsed by Epiphone Guitars has designed a limited edition guitar, with Midwest Rockfest logos.  The guitar will be autographed by the bands that are at Midwest Rockfest. The Goddard Chamber of Commerce is selling raffle tickets for the guitar which will be raffled off at Midwest Rockfest and given to the winner.  Raffle tickets can be purchased in advance though the Chamber of Commerce or at the event as well. You do not have to be present to win.
    Midwest Rockfest has sold tickets in 9 countries including Peru and Austrailia and 25 states including California and Florida.  Ticket holders are planning to travel to Kansas to enjoy our wonderful Lake Afton and live Rock and Roll Music. This will give a great opportunity for the greater Wichita to show off what we have to offer and of course a great music vacation yearly.

    Be sure to get your tickets now! Advanced tickets include parking. Tickets are now only $85 for Full Event GA, $225 VIP, $280 VIP Platinum, $25 Thursday, $45 Friday, $45 Saturday.  Ticket prices increase July 19 tickets full event will be $100, VIP will be $280, Platinum VIP $300, Thursday will be $40, Friday and Saturday are $60 for each day.  So get your tickets in advance and save! Call the office and get your camping for the Midwest Rockfest!  1-877-442-3301 or
    Tickets ordered after July 9th will be at Will call save your receipt if ordering online.  All tickets odered day of the show will have additional $10 charge for parking.

    The Midwest Rockfest Line-up for 2010 is:

    Thursday, July 22nd: Buckcherry, Drowning Pool, Hear Kitty Kitty, & MMA fights. Weigh-in Times and Fight Schedule will be released as the event comes closer.

    Midwest Rockfest ” Battle at the Lake” Fights
    1)Keith Kahon vs Chris”Big Deal” Haines
    2)Joe Rader vs Derek Dial
    3)Greg Scott vs Trevor chapparro
    4)Brian Hilton vs John Griekspoor
    5)Cody Sherwood vs Justin Van
    Fights still to be announced!!!

    Friday, July 23rd: Fire up the boats and rock the docks as modern rock meets the father of rock!! Styx, Nelson, Pop Evil, Texas Hippie Coalition, Thrown, Stuck On Stupid, Even the Dogs, Calling All War, The Samuel Band, Dead Friend Walking, Soulict, and Ashamed.

    Saturday, July 24th: Shake & Bake at the Lake, as these 80’s legends Glam up Lake Afton. Twisted Sister, Fuel, Winger, KIX, Y&T, Black n’ Blue, Jetboy, Bang Tango, XYZ, Toxin, Archer, and Icarcus Witch.

    All bands and times subject to change without notice.
    Midwest Rockfest will Shake and Bake at the Lake!!!
    July 22, 23, and 24, 2010!
    CJ Cross
    Cell Phone 316-210-4488
    Midwest Rockfest
    Get fired up as AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE will be on the scene to take photos, write reviews, and do interviews for the magazine.  Keepin’ it fresh, live, real, and rockin’ just for you.  ….all great things!!!!!  Check out some of the past MMA photos on our site, video interviews, stories, and so much more.  YOU ROCK…..
    Anne Shiever
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    Follow the World’s Coolest Travel Guides on Twitter

    San Francisco, CA – Planning a visit to one of the world’s coolest cities? Night + Day will tweet you there!
    Night + Day writers in the 10 North American cities we cover will are now tweeting on location.
    Our on-the-ground experts in Chicago, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New Orleans, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto will put you on the fast track to making the most of your time, whether you’re a weekend visitor or a local.
    This is the most efficient way for us to keep readers up to date on breaking news, openings, closings, hot tips, featured destinations, seasonal suggestions, and lots more.
    Follow N+D’s coverage of one, two, or more cities:

    Visit for the latest on restaurants and hotels, nightlife, shopping, spas, museums, recreation, and more.  Direct-message us @nightdaytravel to let us know what you think! For more information on Night + Day, please contact:

    Kim Westerman
    Global Community and Marketing Manager
    Night + Day Cool Cities Series

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    Roadrunner Spotlights Ten Great Guitarists

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    Roadrunner Spotlights Ten Great Guitarists

    Since 1980, Roadrunner Records has been the home of some of metal’s most notable and revered axe-grinders. To try and identify the greatest of all-time in our extensive catalog would be an impossible feat, so instead, we’re showcasing just ten of our MANY great guitarists, and only focusing on those central to our US roster, which has been alive and well since 1987.

    Rather than just show you the riffs that make Dino Cazares, Matt Heafy, Dave Mustaine and more so great, we’ve enlisted DragonForce’s lightning-fast shredder Herman Li as our guitar expert, giving insight into why each guitarist noted is so amazing from a player’s perspective. And in case that’s not enough information, we’ve also got commentary from Mikael Akerfeldt, Jeff Waters, Andreas Kisser and more on their very own ranking as one of Roadrunner’s best.

    Full story on TOP TEN by Roadrunner Records!

    Ten Great Roadrunner Guitarists

    Since 1980, Roadrunner Records has been the home of some of metal’s most notable and revered axe-grinders. To try and identify the greatest of all-time in our extensive catalog would be an impossible feat, so instead, we’re showcasing just ten of our MANY great guitarists, and only focusing on those central to our US roster, which has been alive and well since 1987.

    Rather than just show you the riffs that encompass each guitar player’s brute strengths, we’ve enlisted DragonForce’s lightning-fast shredder Herman Li as our guitar expert, giving insight into why each guitarist noted is so amazing from a player’s perspective. And in case that’s not enough information, we’ve also got commentary from Mikael Akerfeldt, Jeff Waters, Andreas Kisser and more on their very own ranking as one of Roadrunner’s best.

    Read on to see who we’ve called out and let us know what you think in the comments section below. In alphabetical order, we give you Ten Great Roadrunner Guitarists.
    Mikael Akerfeldt

    Mikael Akerfeldt formed Opeth in Stockholm, Sweden in 1990, and as a guitarist, he honed his craft far in advance. “I’ve always loved the guitar as an instrument, ever since I was a kid, and I guess aspired to be as good as possible. However, my priorities changed somewhat once I figured out how to write songs,” Akerfeldt tells us. “That became my main agenda, but I still love playing the guitar.”

    As for the honor we’ve bestowed upon him, Akerfeldt contests, “Can’t say I see myself as ‘great,’ it’s so individual. There’s no such thing as a ‘fact’ when it comes to who is a great guitar player. If you ask me, I think a good player needs a good ‘tone’ that makes it sound like it’s him or her playing. A good vibrato: in my world a vibrato that starts with a straight note that with time starts vibrating. Like the vocals of old crooners. A good sense of rhythm, something many great lead players don’t possess. Taste: choosing notes from the heart and not from a scale. Technique is also important but not as much as a musical personality. Versatility… many metal players can only play metal music, and it gets real dull to me. If you have all of the above, you’re either writing and leading your own great band or you’re fucking hired!”

    Weighing in on Akerfeldt’s criteria for greatness, our personally appointed guitar expert Herman Li says of Opeth, “That’s a band that has their special sound. They’ve been around for so many years, made so many albums, and there isn’t another band able to replicate their unique sound. It’s very difficult to be unique either individually or as a group and Opeth carry on making these unique albums. So [he’s] earned a spot here for actually being very, very original since the beginning.“

    As for his influences, Akerfeldt name-checks Ritchie Blackmore, Andy Latimer (Camel), David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Yngwie Malmsteen, Adrian Smith, Toni Iommi, Jimmy Page, Bert Jansch, Joni Mitchell, Trey Azagthoth and Tommy Emmanuel – an eclectic list fit for an innovative guitar player.

    “I have no ‘proudest moment’ as a player really other than when PRS guitars suggested they should make a signature guitar for me,” says Akerfedlt. “I was pretty chuffed about that, and it’s a beauty! The whole endorsement deal with them overall is pretty amazing I have to say.”  As for the music, he contends, “There’s one cool riff in the song “The Funeral Portrait” off the Blackwater Park record. I always liked it and there’s also one evil sounding bit in “Wreath” that just makes me wanna kick the shit out of someone, but I can’t since I got the guitar in my hands and I wouldn’t wanna wreck it.”
    Dino Cazares

    Dino Cazares is among the hardest working guitarists in metal. With his hand in at least two projects at any given moment since he started out in 1989 with both Fear Factory and Brujeria, his love of the guitar actually started much earlier in his life. In an interview with, Cazares discusses his introduction to the power of the mighty six-string, saying, “The first time I heard AC/DC play I was hooked. I was like wow, it kind of scares me being seven or eight years old at the time. Even younger I had my brother’s videos that really turned me on to that kind of music. I remember, you know, as a young kid, going to church every Sunday and my brother would be cranking Black Sabbath in his truck on our way. I was just sitting there thinking ‘Aww, this is the best!’ Then I saw Angus Young playing live on stage, well, it was on TV, but I thought to myself, ‘I wanna be like that guy.’”

    As for the first time he picked up a guitar, Cazares continues in the same interview, “That’s when I was around fourteen. Metallica was already out; Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and all the classic stuff. I was hooked. I was really into it. (pauses) Maybe it had something to do with church though. Maybe I wanted to rebel so I picked the scariest, heaviest most offensive music that your parents wouldn’t like. That’s just what I got into and it’s still in my heart. It’s never left.”

    As for his personal style as demonstrated in bands like Brujeria, Fear Factory, Nailbomb, Divine Heresy, and Asesino, Cazares laughs, “There will be some similarities due to my right-hand style of picking, of course.”

    Herman Li weighs in on this great guitarist, saying, “Of course. Fear Factory, when they came out with songs like ‘Replica’ on the second album, I think it really had an influence on the metal scene we have now. That kind of riffing he was doing was very, very cool. I remember headbanging to Fear Factory songs in the metal clubs back in London when I was growing up. So Dino definitely contributed that Brrrap-d-dap-dap brrrap-dapdap kind of rhythm. ‘Metal-core’ – that’s what they call it.”
    Phil Demmel

    Phil Demmel got his start with Bay Area crossover thrash legends Vio-Lence, founding the band in 1985. Though on our list for his work in Machine Head since joining them in 2004, Demmel’s affinity for thrashing definitely shows in his playing style.

    Herman Li explains, “We all know about Machine Head. Machine Head is a band that has been going on for a long time, and they’ve really been awesome doing it. And Phil definitely adds that dimension they didn’t have in the earlier albums. I love the way he performs: it’s really accurate, solos are great, the rhythm playing — him and Robb really kick it. When we were touring with those guys a few years ago I thought ‘This is cool. These guys are really tight and really energetic,’ you know? You can really hear the organic feel to their playing. It’s really powerful, you need to see it on stage to hear the real power. It sounds great on the album but on stage BOOM. So Phil Demmel I think he’s doing really awesome riffing and soloing in Machine Head. I look forward to hearing what they’re going to do on their next album.”

    Very vocal about Dimebag Darrell’s influence on his playing since the band’s inclusion in a tribute album for Dime last year, Demmel cites Michael Denner and Hank Shermann as also having an effect on his love affair with the guitar. “They’ve got timing changes in their stuff,” Demmel tells ultimate-guitar. “We are really influenced guitar-wise, Robb and I, from [that]. We totally have a couple parts where people are gonna go, ‘Oh, man, that’s totally Mercyful Fate right there!’”
    Adam Dutkiewicz

    Always the jokester in the cape or the short shorts, Adam D. might not seem like a very serious dude, but his chops are nothing to f*ck with. Starting out as Killswitch Engage’s drummer in 1999, this producer-by-day, guitarist-by-night also studied bass at Berklee College of Music. Suffice to say, he’s kind of a jack of all trades when it comes to musicianship. And while he can do it all, he’s on our guitarists list for his ability to shred with the best of them and his innovations in incorporating a melodic sensibility into ferocious riffs.

    As Herman says, “With Adam, what really impresses me is not just him as a guitar player. Of course Killswitch’s songs do very much inspire the current generation of bands from metalcore to the other stuff. With him he can produce as well and that’s what impresses me most. I’m impressed with guitarists that can do more than just guitar playing and he really understands all the production and recording and playing. He also has a unique stage presence; I haven’t seen any other guitar player act like him on stage. So that’s really cool. It’s always good to be different and do your own thing and not care what people have to say and really have that attitude when it comes to performance and music.”
    Though Adam D. might credit beer for his chops, we know deep down its more serious than that. For as he tells, “I listen to all styles of music. You take from whatever you listen to… Hell, even a broken muffler on a car or something like that can really, no joke, can inspire random rhythms.” Well, a little more serious than that.

    Matt Heafy

    For Trivium’s Matt Heafy, not only did his affinity for guitars start young, but so did his music career. Having been on Roadrunner since 2004, we’ve seen Heafy grow from a bright-eyed 18-year-old to a twentysomething guitar master – and he’s only getting started.

    Of the honor in being included in our list, Heafy tells us, “Any time anyone regards one of my fellow band mates or myself as something ‘great’ we’re always both honored and humbled.  There is so much yet to learn about the instrument left for me but I greatly appreciate the consideration.”

    Heafy continues, “I have so many sources of inspiration that have allowed me to create my own path. I think that greatness on an instrument or as a songwriter can’t be measured solely through technicality or ability alone, but at the unique attributes that define the particular artist as a whole.”

    Heafy cites his own lessons so far, saying,”Guitar for me has been a lifelong journey of absorbing influences from my environment and using those influences to find my own individual style. With some musicians it’s instantaneous, with others it takes development.  For me guitar wasn’t something that came easy at first and it took hours of practice each day to simply get me to a ‘decent’ level of playing. The turning point for me to becoming a serious guitar player was discovering heavy metal. Metal sparked my love affair with playing guitar. I wanted to play metal music and to do that I needed to be good.  I absorbed every record I could to learn from different styles of players – classic metal, death metal, Swedish melodic metal, black metal, etc.  It’s definitely been a process. Trivium is currently working on its fifth album and after years of practicing and playing I feel nowadays more than ever I am to the point where I am now speaking on the guitar with my own voice.”

    Though it’s his catalyst, Heafy contends, “Metal isn’t my only influence.  My eyes and ears are always open to learning new things and gaining life experiences.  I feel that my artistic playbook is inspired by many things through movies, books, games and life in general and that constant thirst to be open to new things makes me want to develop my style in songwriting, soloing, playing even more. It’s my hunger to learn new things that may lead me to see things from new angles that may change and develop my playing even more over time. And what I am playing now might be different a year from now.  I don’t know where the journey will end but I do know I’ll still be playing somewhere and somehow.”

    Herman Li affirms his inclusion in this list, saying, “Matt’s definitely one of the top guys here from the new generation of young guitar players coming up in the last few years. He’s really able to take the influence from the 80’s metal, the 90’s metal and really give it a fresh sound for these days and I really like the way he approached that. Trivium is definitely a very metal band and they have some awesome metal influences from an earlier time that I can hear. There are obviously other bands that are inspired by all this stuff, but they put it out, they really get it and deliver it in a new way and inspire new guitar players. Him along with Corey [Beaulieu], really do a great job in the metal scene now.”
    Andreas Kisser

    Andreas Kisser joined Sepultura the same year they were signed to Roadrunner Records: 1987. Having gotten his start as Max Cavalera’s roadie initially, Kisser proved over the course of the band’s legendary career — continuing still today — that he is indeed a worthy force on the guitar.

    Herman Li explains, “Sepultura have been around for a long time and Andreas really, really, really, really inspires lots and lots and lots of guitar players — obviously [all of]us in DragonForce. They have put out some really amazing albums over the years and they were original since they started and really carried on that scene throughout the years. Andreas and Sepultura have awesome riffing and really unique sounds that they combine with their Brazilian [origins].  That’s what earned them this spot: again, the originality of the guitar player.”

    When we told him he was named amongst our guitar greats, Andreas responded, “Wow, that’s great. Sepultura had a great history with RR and I’m honored to be in such a special list. Even better is not a ranked list, I don’t like those anyway. I think every musician has their own way to express their feelings through music, so there’s no better or worse, it’s just different.”

    As Kisser names “Randy Rhodes, Tony Iommi, Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Judas Priest, Exodus, Slayer, Scorpions, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Howe, Andres Segovia and many others” amongst his influences, he adds, “I look at a guitar not only as a weapon to play metal, but one to play anything. I like to expand my limits on music so I play with many different musicians from different styles — you’re always learning something new when you play a new style. I also play classical guitar and try to keep my studying on the road. Music is the real expression, no words needed to say something that can be understood by anyone.”

    As for what he enjoys playing the most, Kisser states, “I like to play heavy stuff, blues and classical, no favorite riffs, rather the endless search for the next one. Just proud to do what I love and support a family doing that.”
    Herman Li

    Our appointed commentator and fellow guitar master Herman Li combines the untouchable talent of classic virtuosos with the fun of video game sounds in his band DragonForce. Proving his theory of what makes a great guitarist, it’s his innovative and original style that’s both recognizable and unmatchable that has garnered him not only a spot, but an important role in helping us explain the greatness of others. Li can do double-handed guitar sweeps and tackle arpeggios with finesse, and then make Pac-Man sounds come through his fret board. And what’s more? He makes it all look easy as the somehow always-blowing-wind flows through his hair.

    On his inclusion in our spotlight on Roadrunner guitarists, Herman says, “I am really honored to be in the short list with so many other highly influential guitar players in the metal scene. I am still learning and improving everyday and hopefully will carry on inspiring guitarists and musicians around the world for the years to come.”

    When prodded for some of his favorite guitar moments and proudest moments so far, Li cites the band’s forthcoming first live album. “Twilight Dementia really showed me how far DragonForce have come and how I have evolved as a musician and performer. Myself and everyone in DragonForce are really proud of our live performances on the Ultra Beatdown tour. The exciting thing is, we are still getting better each tour!”
    Dave Mustaine

    Though like Akerfeldt, the bulk of his musical career so far has been through other labels, there’s no contesting that Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest guitarists we currently house. And that’s no blanket statement: Mustaine was named #1 in the 2009 book 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists for his dual mastery as a lead and rhythm player.  Mustaine tells Classic Rock Magazine how he learned of this honor while flipping through the book: “I froze. I was No. 1. What made it better still is that the guy wrote: ‘This isn’t about Dave as a person because he’s been a cock” — [interjects with a bray of laughter] — ‘These four pages are about his guitar playing, which is the best. There are people who are better at one thing that Mustaine does, and others that are better than another, but no-one who’s as good at everything.’ All I thought was… I win!”

    Starting in 1983 with Metallica, then forging ahead with Megadeth since 1985, Dave has been churning out riffs that have awed not only guitarists everywhere, but fans of heavy music, proving you don’t have to know how to play it to appreciate it. And with his two Roadrunner efforts thus far, United Abominations and Endgame, Mustaine continues to celebrate his victory as a great guitarist with intricate, untouchable riffing.

    As for the groundwork Megadeth laid in the early 90s, Herman Li, a big fan, recalls: “I still remember the days when I used to sit on the bus to school and listen to Countdown to Extinction, Rust In Peace, So Far, So Good…So What? —I mean all the guys in school would say ‘You’ve got to listen to this.’ And I though ‘Man, wow!’ ‘Tornado of Souls,’ all those songs, ‘Holy Wars’ it really blew my mind for years and years and I listen to it now and it still blows me away. Dave Mustaine’s a great songwriter, obviously leader of Megadeth, and he never gives up, he carries on and he does solos so well. In guitar solos, he used to trade off with Marty Friedman and I really liked that he can play that complex rhythm along with doing vocals at the same time. Mustaine has definitely been a big influence to me, and to everyone in DragonForce musically.”
    Jim Root

    Pulling double duty in both Slipknot and Stone Sour, guitarist Jim Root trades rhythms and leads in the former, and focuses solely on leads in the latter. But regardless of his role, Jim’s style and speed has undoubtedly influenced the current state of heavy music. Having joined Stone Sour in 1995 and Slipknot in 1999, Root has his hand in two different bands who paved their own way and are now standing on mainstream success. Further testament to his greatness as a player is his signature guitar with Fender. While the brand is not the go-to guitar for metal bands, it’s that kind of innovation that makes Root’s work so recognizable in the scene.

    Of the honor, the telecaster enthusiast tells, “I’m with the same company that, you know, David Gilmour is with. And Jeff Beck. And all these amazing players. Eric Clapton. It’s a dream come true. It’s really amazing.” When asked if those are his influences, Root exclaims, “Absolutely. David Gilmour is a huge influence. I was into Harrison, the real tasty, bluesy George Harrison. He’s an amazing guitar player. Songwriter too. I listen to his solo stuff – actually I listened to All Things Must Pass earlier today. I listen to that, I listen to all the Beatles stuff. I listen to some Clapton stuff. I like everything. I like everything from bands like Blur to bands like Entombed to bands like Mezzanine or Portishead. I like everything. I listen to all kinds of weird crap.”

    And with those influences and personal tastes in place, Root’s shredding leads and rhythms have a distinct sound. Our resident guitar expert Herman Li puts Root’s impact in context saying, “Jim has, along with Slipknot, changed the scene of metal for many years. With that style of music, it’s definitely original and the way they play, it really kind of scared a lot of people with their unique style. I think what happened here was that they really contributed to a style of metal that inspired a new generation of guitarists from their first album, up to now – obviously with the heavy riffing that is unique to their style. You don’t really hear any other band playing the way they do.”
    Jeff Waters

    In 1989, Canadian thrash solidified its place on the map with the inception of Annihilator and guitarist Jeff Waters. Named not only as one of our greats, but as a great influencer of the new school thrash revival, we spoke with Waters all about his lengthy career as a six-string slinger.

    On being named in our list, Waters humbly concedes, saying, “I never set out to do that, I was just a metal fan.” He goes on to explain his guitar playing upbringing, saying “I grew up in a heavy metal era and 70’s rock: Van Halen, AC/DC, that stuff. Black Sabbath was around and KISS… but Van Halen came out with Women and Children First in 1980 and there was a song that we actually cover on our new record called “Romeo Delight” and that was at the time a really, really, heavy song and that got me interested in finding out if there’s any other bands playing that kind of music. And that led me to Sabbath and Priest and Maiden. Then the first albums from Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Exodus came out, that thrash stuff. There was three Canadian bands, Exciter, Razor and Anvil also at that time. And when the Bay Area thrash and the Canadian bands came out, I completely dropped my Heavy Metal stuff and went right over to Thrash. So that’s kind of like what my band and my playing is. I ended up just being a heavy metal fan who plays guitar and loves to play all these great guitar players’ riffs in my room. The only goal I ever had was to get a record deal — and of course that came true for me with Roadrunner. “

    As for his personal playing style, Waters continues: “It started out being a little more thrash and fast when I was young but really there were no goals of trying to be different; all I tried to do was learn the stuff that my teachers taught me. And my teachers were the greats: Hetfield, Kerry King, Mustaine, Gary Holt from Exodus, Randy Rhoads, Eddie Van Halen, Glenn Tipton from Priest, Malcom Young. That’s what my guitar playing and my band is: this sort of gathering of all those things that I liked of those styles of music and that’s it, there was no trying to do this, or trying to do that, still to this day.”

    As for how that results in his own brand of greatness, Jeff says, “It’s weird because I’ve just gone out there praising all these great players, I’m not shy I’m like ‘This song obviously has a Slayer kind of vibe and this one has a this kind of vibe.’ I’ve been talking about other players that I think are great and it’s kind of cool in the last 4-5 years since the Roadrunner United show down in New York, has really been just fielding a whole bunch of nice compliments from other guitar players about how I had a small influence on what they were doing in their careers.”

    And of those guitarists is DragonForce’s Herman Li, who says, “Hey, I’ve been listening to Annihilator for years. I love the album Set The World On Fire — really good tracks in there, really diverse and [Waters] shreds it up solo-wise. No doubt. They’ve been going on, he never gives up, and he does the production, he deals with the whole band thing. It’s really cool; he’s got the whole thing together. He knows what he wants to do and he keeps going at it. He shreds like hell, riffs like crazy… Jeff Waters = Awesome.”
    For more Roadrunner lists, check out the following:
    Ten Greatest Album Covers in Roadrunner History
    Ten Greatest Music Videos in Roadrunner History #10 – #6
    Ten Greatest Music Videos in Roadrunner History #5 – #1

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    Siobhan Allgood

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    Siobhan Allgood
    –A Hell’s Kitchen Elimination
    First and foremost, this is not music but it is very entertaining.  Anyone that watches Hell’s Kitchen and plays witness to the hell (no pun intended) those contestants go through, you understand why when Siobhan Allgood was a prime candidate for our feature of the week.
    If you were to cross Siobhan on the street, you would not know that you just passed greatness.  Not the type of greatness that ones profession brings forward, or even that is given by right of birth.  Her greatness is provided in the form of a person, and being a true hearted individual and one that has a great skill and passion for her craft that many will never have the chance to experience.  She has also already obtained greatness in her life many will never achive because of what she has simply overcome to get where she has in life.
    Siobhan Allgood was a contestant on Season 7 of “Hell’s Kitchen” until episode 8 where she was one of four put up for elimination.  Ultimately her number was called and she was dismissed.  “It was a great experience and a really great time”, Siobhan explains to me by telephone from her home in Pennsylvania.  “The attitudes clash but we are mostly all friends even after the show” she explains.
    Siobhan was raised in a broken home of divorced parents, and with an alcoholic mother that (as in most situations) under giving and becomes more involved with drinking than her child, Siobhan was left to fend on her own and basicly raise herself.  She got tired of not having the nutrition that “you can’t just get out of a Campbell’s soup can” and decided she wanted to learn to cook.  Self taught at approximately 14 years old, she started ‘Killing Chickens’ as she called it.  “I feel so sorry for the massive number of chickens that I killed.  Overcooked, undercooked, too spicy, wrong mix of spices, I screwed more chickens up attempting to cook them in a frying pan on a stove it is not even funny”, she explains, “It came to the point of either learn to cook for myself or eat out of a box”.
    Through her trials and errors in the kitchen, she eventually became a cook.  Not only just a cook but one of the top chef’s in North America.  Siobhan excels in Baja Southern California cusine, and attributes that clash with French-Trained Chef Ramsey on Hell’s Kitchen.  “Chef Ramsey is French-Trained and does not agree with the mix of ingredients that Baja food includes.  Just because he did not like it does not mean it was bad, it was just his personal opinion”, she explained.
    Her demise came in the show after another contestant, Ben Knack, seemed to have a grudge against Siobhan.  It seemed since the moment he was moved to the red team, Ben and Siobhan hated each other.  “He never liked me, never talked to me, never got to know me”, said Siobhan.  “The sandwich incident was exactly that.  Chef Ramsey told our team to choose a sandwich not to be judged and Ben immediately said Siobhan’s should not go”.
    Siobhan was put up for elimination with Ben leading the charge to eliminate her when both teams “lost” the service challenge.  She was placed along with 3 other people including 2 from the blue team.  “I was shocked when Chef Ramsey said for me to hand him my jacket” she said.
    “I can not wait till next weeks episode to see what he does to the next person”, she said.  “I can not say who won at the end, but it was not at all who I thought it would be”.
    Siobhan is off the show, but she says she is not going away anytime soon.  “I have a couple irons in the fire… althought we are all still under contract with FOX”.  She has a cookbook hopefully coming out later this year in her specialty area of Baja, and is currently providing private chef service Nationwide for various people.  According to Siobhan, “I am trying to find a part-time job so that I can keep my options open, but am being told I am over-qualified or too expensive for the economy”.
    We look forward to seeing what Siobhan has to offer in the future, and will keep track of her and report from time to time through on her progress of recovering from a reality show.  Some people have great success after one, others, well…
    Frank Arena
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    Smoky Hill River Festival 2010–Interview


    Joseph Vincelli
    Saxophonist, Flutist, Author

    Joseph Vincelli’s signature is his passion towards his music. It is evident on the stage, in his recordings, with his speeches and in his books. What sets him apart from other smooth jazz artists is his ability to create music from an array of sources which many others would consider stretching the limits.

    Joseph is a native of New Jersey, although the Dallas Morning News has fondly embraced him as a long time resident of Texas. After spending his childhood in Eatontown, a community along the Jersey shore, he studied in Boston at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. It is here that he learned a deep appreciate for the art of improvisation. Joseph took his knowledge and set off for New York City and Los Angeles, giving him many career opportunities.

    During this ten year stint, he toured and recorded with Buddy Miles, Ice Cube, Bobby Goldsboro, Jerry Vale, and Burt Reynolds. Also, Joseph wrote for several film scores and movies, commercials, and jingles. Looking for a quieter life, he moved to Dallas, Texas where he currently resides. The desire for Texas did not change his New Jersey dialect, but it did change his career in a big way.

    Joseph has recorded ten CD’s in a seven year period. It includes seven smooth jazz albums, two Christmas CD’s and a classic Jazz CD. As well, he recently has finished a fifteen year project, a three volume book series entitled, My Friend, Music. Joseph does not limit his talent entirely to the stage of entertainment. He devotes time to giving master classes to students interested in the industry of music. As well, he continues to write music and books for future recordings and publications.

    Here is a list of his Artist Discography:
    COCKTAIL MIX (2009)
    TOUCHE’ (2006)
    HELLO AGAIN (2002)
    THIS LIFE (2001)
    PASSAGES (2001)
    IN CONCERT (2000)
    TOUCH (1998)
    AFTER FIVE (1997)
    I WILL WAIT FOR YOU (1996)
    THE NIGHT IS OURS (1995)
    THE TIME HAS COME (1994)

    Joseph has toured extensively throughout North America and with visits to Brazil, Venezuela, England, Italy, and South Africa. Joseph’s diversity with the art of music has given him such honors as the 1998 recipient of the Scott Joplin Award for achievement and the 2000 Hall of Fame winner at the Clearwater Jazz Holiday festival.  Other great awards of achievement for Joseph are: Clearwater Jazz Holiday 2000 Recipient of Hall of Fame Scott Joplin Jazz Festival 1997 Artist of the Year AUTHOR of Intimacy with Music (published 2001) AUTHOR of The Art of Tone – Understanding Our Love for Music (published 2003)

    Some of the past festivals Joseph has performed are:  Mustang , Jingle & Jazz (Headliner, host) Dallas Arts and Jazz Festival (billed with Bob James) Harvest Jazz Tour (Headliner, host) Newport Beach Jazz Festival (billed with Earl Klugh & Boney James) Bass Performance Hall, (Ft. Worth, TX) Walt Disney World, Pleasure Island, (Orlando, FL) Clearwater Jazz Holiday, October, 1998 & 1999 (Clearwater, FL) Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, CO Cotillion, (Wichita, KS) (billed with Boney James) Red River Revel (performed with Shreveport Symphony Orchestra) Toledo Jazz Festival (billed with Al Jarreau) Genuine Jazz in July Festival July, 1998 & 2000 (Breckenridge, CO) Jazz at the Bend, 1997 & 1999 (billed with Angela Bofill) Opening, “Guitars, Saxes and More Tour” performance, Toledo, OH Big Spring Jam (Huntsville,AL) Toledo Jazz and Blues Festival (Toledo, OH: headliner) Humphrey’s (San Diego) Caravan of Dreams (Fort Worth/Dallas) OASIS, KOAI (Dallas) Listener Appreciation Concert ’96 & 2000 Fourth of July Celebration, 2000 (Headliner) Musical Group for Jay Leno- 2002 Musical Group for Martin Short- 2001 Smoky Hill River Festival Salina KS 2009-2010

    Joseph Vincelli shares his most personal thoughts:

    Insight On Becoming an Artist–I was having a discussion with another artist about what distinguishes an artist from a musician. I explained my thoughts by using painters as my example. A house painter is someone who can do his job well with the skills he has acquired. However, a painter that is painting a picture becomes an artist when he paints what is from within himself. When a person is creating something that comes from his own thoughts and feelings. An artist becomes an artist when the individual expresses himself, regardless of the creative outlet, regardless of the financial rewards.

    At the same time, an artist may be expressing himself, but on the whole, is recognized as an artist if those experiencing the person’s artwork sees it as an expression of the persons inner thoughts and feelings.”

    How I want to be remembered–‘Not too long ago, I was asked in an interview, “How would you like to be remembered?”. For me, I think the ultimate way to be remembered is to strive everyday to contribute to the betterment of humanity through the instrument I have been given, which is music, and for people to know that it has come from a source greater than I. That is how I want to be remembered.’

    More about Joseph Vincelli–

    Although, Joseph cooks on stage, his first love at five years of age was a fascination for food. He continues to use cooking and eating fine cuisine as a source of creativity. More recently, he has developed benefit concerts and contests that bring celebrities and top chefs together in order to raise money for young performing artists, including the Kids Who Care Performing Artists Foundation, in Fort Worth, Texas, which raises tens of thousands of dollars every year. More information on Joseph, his music and books, and his cooking ideas are found at his website,

    Joseph Vincelli was the “roaming artist” at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina KS.  I can honestly say, “I have never met a more personal and professional artist who shows an enthusiastic and warm-welcoming style of attention to all his fans no matter what age they are.”–Anne Shiever

    (I was more than just impressed! Joseph Vincelli really works the crowd with his performance.)

    When you are listening to the weather channel on cable television think of Joseph Vincelli as his music may be what is soothing you from behind the scenes.  Get Joseph Vincelli’s new music now available on “Jump Drives”!  It’s the newest concept for digital age in the music industry.

    For booking and contact information, please email Joseph at

    or call (214) 906-1059.  (If any of Joseph’s opinions are intriguing to you, e-mail him at Joseph would love to hear from you.)

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    Music brings people all ages together, and sometimes people call it the center to the soul for “WHEN WORDS SPEAK IN A WHISPER, MUSIC SPEAKS LOUD AND PROUD!!!”